About Us

Stratum Group:

Stratum started with specialized telecommunication and IT products for Service Providers and Enterprise Customers, starting its operations in 2009. Since then it has expanded its business to overseas markets in Europe and Middle East Africa. It has evolved into the following divisions:


Focused on the IT and Telecommunication Solutions in partnership with leading industry vendors.

Stratum Energy Solutions:

Driven by the market needs, Stratum Energy solution was established with the aim of providing wide range of solution to energy sector.

Stratum Energy Solutions AIM (Asset Integrity Management) methodology incorporates design, maintenance, inspection, process, operations, and management concepts, since all these disciplines impact the integrity of infrastructure and equipment. Specialized in solutions for energy sector.

Consultancy and Indenting:

With a pool of industry specialists, Stratum is well equipped to provide consulting & Indenting services for its clients in the field of IT and Telecommunications. The services are not limited to:

  •     Equipment Selection
  •     Specialized Equipment Procurement
  •     Design Audits
  •     Network Planning
  •     Drive Testing Services
  •     Network Optimization Services

    Please contact us at info@stratumgroup.co.uk for further details.